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100+ Delicious, Easy Dinner Recipes

Dinner is the time to sit down at the end of the day together to share our lives and stay connected. It’s the most special meal of the day where you are able to enjoy a delicious meal and talk about your day.

It’s highlighted by the main course or star of the dinner plate!

It’s also the best reason to host a dinner party so you can laugh, visit and create lasting memories over a great meal.

There are over 100 recipes on West Via Midwest to help you plan your dinner menus for weeknight meals or for entertaining company.

What Is considered a Main Course Meal?

The main course is the heartiest part of the meal. It can be made with any meat like chicken, beef, pork or lamb. It’s the star of the meal!

Most of the recipes for the entrees are more for dinner or the evening meal but many of them also work for a hearty lunchtime meal, a brunch or a potluck meal.

No need to stress about making a meal after a long day of work when you have tried and true dinner recipes everyone loves.

The entrée is the highlight of the meal and being able to cook everything like quick and easy meals and comfort food recipes, to fancy gourmet meals and easy healthy dinner recipes is something everyone can do.

You can make all of these types of meals and more,  all with the confidence they will come out deliciously if you follow the instructions I’ve perfected over the years.

Easy Weeknight Recipes

Whether you are looking for easy chicken recipes like French onion chicken, weeknight pork chops like panko breaded pork chops or the easiest slow cooker recipes like balsamic pull apart beef roast I have you covered. All of these recipes come together quickly and are easy to prepare while still being delicious.

Make-Ahead Dinner Recipes

Want a make-ahead pasta recipe or simple casserole to feed a crowd for a potluck? Ham and potato casserole has all the melty cheese, tender potatoes and bites of ham you love in a comfort food meal. The Cheesy Chicken Artichoke Casserole is another choice for an easy make and take potluck dish.

Sometimes you need a fancier pasta recipe to serve to company. The smoked gouda mac and cheese is an easy make-ahead pasta dish that is the most searched recipe on West Via Midwest every single holiday! 

Main Course Party Recipes

These delicious recipes are tried and true and are the best dining options for any special occasion you are hosting whether it be Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Christmas or Thanksgiving to more low key dinners for a laid back dinner party or a BBQ with friends.

Main Course Recipes by Cooking Method

I’ve got one-pan meals, easy air fryer recipes, fast and healthy grilling recipes,  and instant pot recipes that you can make with easy step by step directions.

I’ve tested these main course meals and served them to guests in my home so I know you can make the best dinner party recipes and easy family meals perfectly every single time.

Lazy Dinner Ideas

Looking for recipes that are low effort but big on taste? These dinner ideas are for you if you are looking for hands-off cooking! Try the beef back ribs or these fall off the bone ribs. They both are super easy and you basically set them and forget them while they cook and then sit down to enjoy a delicious meal.

Easy Comfort foods for Weeknight Dinners

There are weeknight dinner ideas that are gourmet comfort food classics. You know, the recipes that look crazy impressive but are just what you want to eat to make you happy! Healthy comfort food chicken piccata, grilled lamb chops or stove top steak recipe will make you one happy camper.

30 Minute Meals

Short on time?  There are recipes that come together in less than 30 minutes. Try out air fryer bone in pork chops, air fryer lamb chops  or the balsamic lamb chops.

Special Occasion Entertaining Recipes

I have restaurant quality Gourmet recipes you can serve for celebrations and the holidays that may take a little longer but can be our little secret at how easy they are to make. Some of the highlights are my version of Lawry's Prime rib the 4 ingredient Prime Rib, impressive seafood recipe of fancy bouillabaisse,  or the horseradish crusted prime rib. I promise you they will wow anyone you cook them for.

Recipes by Protein or type

Need a specific protein? These are categorized by protein (beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish etc) but I also have pasta and casseroles – all the food recipes for dinner you could ever want!

Go ahead and scroll down to find all the dinner recipes you need to have a successful meal without all the stress!

Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole

This bacon cheeseburger casserole recipe has all of the makings of a delicious juicy cheeseburger but in the form of a casserole. Right down to the pickles! It’s rich, hearty, cheesy, and loaded with the signature flavors of everyone’s favorite comfort classic. This cost-effective way to feed a crowd is always a hit at potlucks, …

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Slow Cooked Beef Back Ribs Recipe

Slow oven roasted molasses beef ribs are juicy, succulent, and saucy. Cooked low and slow for tender results, then finished off with high heat caramelizing the most flavorful BBQ sauce. These tasty ribs are what everyone will be looking forward to at all of your outdoor gatherings! Oven baked ribs are a variation of beef …

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Thai Style Grilled Chicken w Thai Style Dipping Sauce

This Thai BBQ chicken is a deeply flavorful, juicy grilled chicken breast that’s been brined in a sweet and salty brine then seasoned with an easy Thai chicken marinade of aromatics, spices, and citrus. A great way to have take-out at home! It is chicken so tender and flavorful, it’ll have you licking your fingers!

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Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Chili Glaze

Grilled Pork Loin Fillet with Sweet Chili Orange Glaze is a dish perfect for any occasion. It looks fancy but it’s easy to make and budget-friendly! This recipe uses a sweet and salty brine resulting in tender juicy pork which is then glazed with sweet heat and flame-grilled forming a delicious outer crust. Once sliced you …

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Tuscan Grilled St Louis Style Pork Ribs

Ready in under 2 hours, Tuscan grilled St. Louis style pork ribs are succulent, tender, and fall right off the bone. The subtle seasoning of salt and pepper in combination with the garlic butter, lemon juice, and rosemary, complement the naturally sweet flavor of the pork! Our oven baked beef ribs and our fall off …

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