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Mealthy Nonstick 10 Inch Frying Pan: Review

I’m excited to be able to share my experiences using the new Mealthy nonstick frying pan. I’ve made several recipes using it while cooking dinner for my family in the last several weeks to be able to give you an honest review.

Mealthy sent me this pan to check out and review, but as always all opinions are all mine.

I’ve had really great experiences using Mealthy products in the past. As you have noticed in my posts, I’ve developed several recipes using their Multi-Pot (pressure cooker) in combination with the CrispLid.

The CrispLid was game-changing for me in using my instant pot. It gives me the ability to get a crispy texture by using the air fryer/broiling lid. (Be sure and check all you ever need to know about the Crisplid here!

I’ve also used the stainless steel frying pan and it was my go-to frying pan until they sent the nonstick version. I’m in the kitchen all of the time so I’m completely comfortable using stainless steel without worrying about things sticking but there is easy peace of mind about cooking when you have a nonstick pan.

Mealthy 10 Inch NonStick Frying Pan Breakdown

The pan is lightweight and just the right size for cooking for a family. I was easily able to cook for dinner for 6 but I did cook in two rounds.

There are 5 layers in the pan to give even heating while also giving you the nonstick surface. I’ve shared their graphic so it’s easy to understand but let me break it down to simple advantages in your cooking.

The bottom is made of stainless steel.

The inner core is made from aluminum (three layers) so it conducts heat well and it’s the same heat across the bottom as you cook. I loved that there were no hot spots —- no matter where I placed something they all browned evenly.

The top layer has the nonstick coating that is in a honeycomb etch. No matter what I cooked in it, nothing stuck to it. I made an omelet, sticky praline pecans, cajun chicken, fried potatoes, pan-fried a steak and sauteed garlic green beans.

NOTHING stuck to it, ever. Mealthy advertises that it is stick-resistant but that is a lot of cooking where NOTHING stuck at all.

The omelet slipped right out. The pecan pralines had the stickiest sugar coating and even after the pan cooled the leftover sugar easily slipped out.

The steak had the nicest crust after cooking it from how hot the aluminum core was. I cooked 4 steaks at the same time and they were all the exact same doneness. (Really, I tested them with a thermometer!)

Garlic has a tendency to stick and then burn when its sauteed, especially if on too high a temp. Not one piece stuck to the pan— I can honestly say I will never make my garlic sugar snap peas in any other pan after testing this pan out.

Is the Mealthy NonStick pan worth it?

I am very happy with the pan, and would buy this as a gift for anyone looking for a good frying pan.

The pan is priced at $69.95 which for a person wanting to buy a few pans is a good price. There are cheaper options available, but in my experience spending a little bit more for a pan that delivers what it promises is cheaper than buying several pans over the years.

Mealthy has an app that offers recipes to use in their products as well as a Facebook group to be able to ask questions.

You can purchase the Mealthy 10″ nonstick frying pan on their website and I’m sure it will be available on Amazon soon. If you purchase on their website, you can use the coupon code WESTVIAMIDWEST for $10 off.

If you have any question be sure and reach out I’d be happy to answer them!

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