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Are your days crazy busy from morning to night?

Do you work full time and  still have a million things to get done so your family has everything they need?

At the end of the day do you end up eating out because you didn’t plan anything to make for dinner?

You keep thinking there has to be a better way. 

I’ve been there.

I believe no matter how busy you are you can still make delicious comforting meals that your family will rave about!

A simple, but impressive recipe that mimic's Ruth's Cris famous Spicy BBQ Shrimp Appetizer. It's full of the flavors of garlic, spices and butter drizzled over the top of succulent shrimp. Recipe found at www/


What others in the West Via Midwest Community are saying  

— I was afraid to try this at home because this was my husbands favorite meal at our favorite restaurant. Im so glad I did! His comment on trying it? I like this so much better!………..Lisa G.

–…..I made it last night and everyone loved it! ……Jodee

–I didn’t believe I could make this in 30 minutes and still have it taste good but I followed the recipe and it really worked! …… MK, Ohio

Imagine sitting in the comfort of your own home at your dining room table after working all day and getting all of your errands done then eating a home cooked meal made from ingredients that you prepared yourself.

When you become a part of the West Via Midwest community you will learn how to cook delicious comfort food with confidence so that your family will actually want to eat at home instead of go out!

  • You’ll learn to make meals easily that really taste good.
  • You’ll learn tips to save you time when cooking so that you don’t get frustrated and give up.
  • You’ll know what’s in the food you are serving to your family.
  • You’ll gain the confidence in the kitchen that will make you feel good about what you are serving your family.


 A little bit about me……..

Between dealing with all of the things my family needed and work responsibilities we were going out to eat every single day.  I was sick of eating out but I didn’t know how to make food my family would eat and still get my to do list done. I started reading old family recipes and trying them out.  I’d spend nights and weekends cooking; learning how to make comfort foods that my family craved that still tasted great but didn’t take hours to make.  I kept at it until one day while we were eating my husband commented “this meal is better than what we used to get at Lawry’s.”

Now I make meals at home that my family actually asks me to make instead of going out.

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Not sure where to start? Here are links to the most popular recipes that you’ll learn how to make to wow your family and let you enjoy family meals at home:

Grilled Cuban Mojo Pork

Swedish Meatballs (IKEA Copycat)

Fancy Bouillabaisse: Special Occasion Meal


If you ever need anything I’m here for you.

Shoot me an email to michele at westviamidwest dot com. 

No question is a silly question.   I promise I probably asked the same question when I was learning too!



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