Ham and Cheese Frenchee

Ham and Cheese Frenchee’s are the gourmet version of a grilled ham and cheese.  

How to make Ham and Cheese Frenchee ?


– 1.5 cups corn flakes – 8 slices white bread, soft, regular thickness – 3 large eggs – 8 ounces Bistro Favorites Uncured Black Forest Ham – 8 slices american cheese

 Place cornflakes into a ziplock bag and seal without any air in the bag.  Using a rolling pin crush the cornflakes to a tiny pieces. (imagine coarse meal texture) Place into a bowl.

Into a second bowl, crack all the eggs then using a fork whisk until all combined. Set aside.

Place the 8 slices of bread down on a cutting board separately.  Place a piece of cheese down on each.  Then place 2 ounces of meat on 4 of the pieces of cheese topped bread.  Place cheese and bread (with out any ham) on top of the one with the ham.