Shrimp Dip with Cream Cheese

Classic Shrimp dip with cream cheese is easy to make with simple ingredients of cream cheese, cajun spices, and shrimp that come together in 10 minutes for game day parties or holiday appetizers!

How to make Shrimp Dip with Cream Cheese?


– Cream Cheese – Cajun Seasoning or Seasoned Salt – Worcestershire Sauce – Mayo – Sour Cream – Chili Garlic Sauce

Blend all of the ingredients to combine them to combine completely.  By doing this, the dip is very flavorful and you get the cheese dip flavor in every bite.

Add the shrimp last and stir until just combined.  Make sure the shrimp is fully dried (you can toss them in a paper towel to dry them off.)

This shrimp appetizer is super popular in the south.  Partly because it has notes of cajun/creole in the cream cheese dip.